Do Well and Doubt Not is a fanzine for and about Tottenham. The fanzine, distributed for free, is composed of interviews with local people, published verbatim, and aims to give local people a voice on post-riots Tottenham: to let them celebrate the area, whilst also addressing the problems and opportunities that they see around them. 

The name of the publication comes from the discarded town motto, displayed on a coat of arms in the old Town Hall. Contributors include: Clasford Stirling MBE (a youth worker based on Broadwater Farm), Chris Hall (founder of London Boxing Academy) and Nicky Price (Chairman of Tottenham Carnival). 

Do Well and Doubt Not is published by Spacemakers, a civic ideas agency based in London. Spacemakers creates projects, publications and interventions to help make our cities, towns and spaces work better. The fanzine is edited by Tom Keeley, and designed by Jon Cannon. The publication uses typography taken from the local area, and is printed by Newspaper Club

Do Well and Doubt Not is licensed under Creative Commons.